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One of the leading driving schools in British Columbia, KIGA Driving School has been established to respond to an increasing demand for quality driving education in Vancouver Island.

Our mission in Kiga is to offer, not-just-a-driving-course sufficient to pass your ICBC driving exam, but a comprehensive driving education that would enable you to drive safely, anywhere in the world. Getting driving lessons with Kiga means that you’ll be able to drive safely, whether you are driving in New-York, Paris, or our own beautiful Victoria.


Our instructors have years of experience in driver education and have driven and taught driving lessons in many countries around the world. This accumulated experience along with our team’s expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies in driver education are the basis for the quality of driver education in Kiga. Moreover, our instructors go through routine re-educating seminars to increase their knowledge of the rules of the road and to improve their teaching skills.


The comprehensive nature of our teaching program will ensure that you and your loved ones get the driving education you deserve. Our mission is to teach you world-class driving.

Our school has a fleet of new and well-maintained Prius-C vehicles. Prius C is a hybrid (with both electric and gas engines) vehicle from Japan’s TOYOTA. Prius-C has consistently won international competitions and awards in different fields including driver safety and are some of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles in the world. . Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized after each lesson to ensure the safety of our staff and students.

Our instructors are highly trained and actually exceed the ICBC requirements for being a driver instructor. All of our instructors have successfully passed ICBC regulated courses, designed to prepare them to teach driving skills utilizing a range of techniques and technologies. Additionally, our instructors receive routine upgrading sessions in their training to keep up with the latest driving trends. Our team of instructors are courteous, friendly, and professional.

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  • 60-minutes one-to-one driving lesson in Kiga car with our instructor

    Offered Daily1 hr
    115 Canadian dollars