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Feeling Anxious About Driving?




Kiga Driving school is the best driving school in Victoria, BC. KIGA is established to respond to an increasing demand for quality driving education in southern Vancouver Island communities of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, Saanich Peninsula, Esquimalt, Langford, Colwood, View Royal, and Sidney, BC. Quality and comprehensive driving education is what we offer. We aim to make driving easy, safe and enjoyable for you.

Our mission in Kiga is to offer, not-just-a-driving-course sufficient to pass your ICBC driving test, but a comprehensive learning experience that would enable you to drive safely and at ease, anywhere in the world. We offer driving education like your life depends on it. Our lessons are aimed to build confident and safe drivers and to minimize the risk of road crashes in our community by offering excellence in driver training with affordable prices in Greater Victoria and the surrounding municipalities..

Our knowledgeable and friendly instructors have years of experience in student driver education. They have driven and taught driving lessons in many countries around the world. This accumulated experience along with our team’s expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies in driver education are the basis for the quality of driver education in Kiga.

All of our instructors are ICBC certified, and have gone through extensive training courses to prepare them to teach driving skills utilizing a range of techniques and technologies. Additionally, our instructors receive routine upgrading sessions in their training to keep up with the latest driving trends. Our team of instructors are courteous, friendly, and professional.

But in a rapidly changing world, technologies improve and rules change. Traffic diverters, bike lanes and safe pedestrian bridges and tunnels have revolutionized our cities. To implement the ongoing changes in our driving courses, our instructors go through routine re-educating seminars, workshops and conferences to increase their knowledge and to improve their teaching skills.

Our One-on-one and personalized driving lessons are designed to make driving easy and stress and anxiety free through an emphasis on safe driving techniques including defensive driving.. On-road practice is accompanied by the driving instructor’s dynamic and thorough commentary.


Our school utilizes a fleet of new and well-maintained Prius-C vehicles. Prius C is a hybrid (with both electric and gas engines) vehicle from Japan’s TOYOTA. Prius-C has consistently won international competitions and awards in driver safety and is one of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles in the world.

Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized after each lesson to ensure the safety of our staff and students. Our driving tutors are fully vaccinated against covid-19 and wear mask throughout all driving lessons.


What we teach?

General Driving


Shoulder checks: How and Why

Stop Signs: Right of way

Intersection and Traffic lights: Right and Left Turns

Driving with a safe distance and how to maintain it

Safe Lane Change: When and how to change lane

Speed Control: How to maintain your driving speed and appropriate speeds

Bike lanes: How to drive safely around them

Flashing green and flashing red traffic control lights

Amber (Yellow) traffic lights and the point of no return

Hill Parking: Parking a vehicle safely on uphill and downhill conditions


Hazard Perception: How to recognize and avoid common hazards on the road?


Defensive Driving

Reversing a vehicle in a straight line


for varying conditions in Victoria and other metropolises




School, Playground, Construction Zones


2 & 3 Point Turn


Parallel Parking



Reverse Stall Parking


Highway, freeway and Road Driving: Entering and Exiting in and to Highway and driving safely and efficiently on highway

Driving in Victoria: Navigating downtown Victoria, BC, Bus lanes, bike lanes, Single file streets, Roundabouts and traffic diverters (traffic circles)

Road test preparation

Mock-road test

How I Can Help You

  • 60-minutes one-to-one driving lesson in our Kiga vehicle, with our ins...

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat1 hr
    99 Canadian dollars
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