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Frequently asked questions

Booking a Driving lesson

Click on the "Book a Lesson Online" button to book your lesson right now.

Reschedule, or cancel Your lesson

You can text or call us to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Cancellation and rescheduling needs to be done at least three days before the lesson in order to be eligible for refunds or changes. If you have any symptomd of Cold/Flu/COVID-19, please let us know, and we will reschedule your lesson to a suitable time after your qurantine.

Why should I choose your driving school?

Patient and Caring Driving Instructors We are experienced driving instructors who know how to customize each lesson to best fit you and your needs. We give you our undivided attention during lessons and we will never waste your time.

Contact Us!

Text: 1(250) 858-5090 Email: info@kiga.ca


We charge $126 per lesson ($120 + $6 GST). We are very proud of our driving lesson pricing model. That is why we encourage you to shop around in order to see that we really do offer a great value on one-on-one driving lessons.

Types of Payment We Accept.

All lessons must be paid for, online at the time of booking, using a credit card.

Discounts for Multiple Lessons

Whether you take one lesson or a dozen, we offer the same great rate for all of our lessons.

How long are your driving lessons?

Our 90 minute in-car allow us to cover just the right amount of theory and practice to make the lesson meaningful for our students.

How many lessons do I need?

It all depends on your current skill level and your commitment to becoming a better driver. 4 Lessons:
You feel like you’re almost ready for the Road Test. This is ideal for students that are getting lots of family or co-ed practice but need to fine-tune their skill. We will cover many of the skills mentioned below. 6 Lessons:
For those needing a few more lessons to solidify their skills. 10 Lessons:
You’ve never driven before. This is the choice for those wanting to learn everything correctly right from the beginning.

Can I take a single lesson?

Why not? Whether you want to try us out or want to work on a specific skill or simply want to know if you’re ready for your road test, we can help.

Do you offer free pick up and drop off?

Yes, we do!

Can I rent your vehicle for the road test?

We only offer our vehicles to students that have enrolled in at least one of our lessons. If we have never had the opportunity to assess the way that you drive, then we do not feel comfortable letting you use our vehicle. We believe that if an individual is not well-prepared for the road test and arrives for a road test in our vehicle, it reflects poorly on us. Thus, we wish to mitigate that.

Can you book my road test for me?

We don’t book road tests for our students directly. To book a road test, you must call ICBC.

What will I learn during your driving lessons?​

What We Expect to Achieve by the End of Each Driving Lesson We aim to make sure you learn more after each lesson to make wise driving decisions. Remember, the point of road test is to make sure you can operate a vehicle in a safe manner so that you, your passengers, and other people share the road with you are all safe. In order to be safe, you need to attain certain skills and be knowledgeable on the rules of the road. The skills range from proper space and time management on the road. We also provide learning opportunities for drivers to negotiate difficult driving situations. You will learn the following skills in our lessons. Pre-Trip Check​ Operation of Safety Devices Braking Mirror Checks Steering Speed Control Blind Spot Checks Lane Positioning Following Distance Left Turns Scanning Right Turns Hill Park Reversing Curb Judgement Space Cushion Lane of Least Resistance Lane Change One-Way Streets 2-Point Turns 3-Point Turns Cul de Sac Traffic Circles Observing Signs Intersections Forward Stall Park Reverse Stall Park Emergency Vehicles Road Test Evaluation Cyclist Safety Rear Crash Avoidance 4 Way Stops Pedestrian Safety Hazard Perception Point of No Return Highway Driving As you can see, it takes a lot to become a safe driver. We try to incorporate as many of these skills into each one our lessons as possible.

Can I Rent Your Car For my Road-Test?

Yes! We offer Car Rental for Road-Tests! It costs $126.00 (GST included in the price). We will pick you up before the road-test and you will drive the vehicle (with instructor) to your exam location. You will have the car for the duration of your road-test. No training is offered with Car rental. The instructor simply accomnpanies the student.